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It’s that time of year again! Mother’s Day is just around the corner which means it’s time for Mommy & Me mini sessions! I loved doing these sessions last year. So often, moms are the ones behind the camera and never in front of it. We go to look at photo albums and the woman who gave birth to you, raised you, kissed away your pain, held you when you cried, and lifted you up when you needed it most… nowhere to be found. It’s as if mom never existed because no one ever bothered to capture her time with her kids. I know I’m guilty of this with my own daughter. Birthday parties, holidays, family outings – you’d think I was never there. The only proof I have of my existence in my child’s life is a few low-quality selfies taken with a cell phone.

That was until last year when I finally said enough was enough, and got some professional family pictures taken with my mom and my daughter. These are now some of my most treasured pictures of me and my daughter, and I look forward to the day that I can get more done as she gets older. But that session made me think that I’m not the only mom out there who doesn’t have pictures with her own kids. I decided it was time to fix that! Last year I held my first official Mommy & Me mini sessions, and I absolutely loved it (and so did the moms that booked a session!).

Which is why I’m excited to say that I’m doing these mini sessions again this year! The mini sessions will be held on Saturday, May 6th at Nathan’s Garden in Hanover, New Hampshire. Time slots are limited and will only be open from 3pm to 7pm. I decided to change it up this year and, instead of offering one set price, I am offering 3 different packages to choose from when booking your session. Mommy & Me mini sessions will start at $125.00 this year, and payment is due in full to book your session. Each session is 20 minutes long, and you will receive 8-10 edited images in an online gallery (amount of digitals you receive depends on package) along with a print release for any digitals you purchase.

To get more information about the sessions, please visit the event page on Facebook, or check out our Mommy & Me Mini Session Guide. Here you’ll find a link to the Mommy & Me mini session booking form, information about pricing, and a gallery of pictures from a Mommy & Me mini session at Nathan’s Garden from last year.

I hope to see you all there, and remember time is running out so book today!

Mommy & Me Mini Sessions 2017 | Heaven Leigh Photography

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Nothing makes happier than when past clients come back, and that’s exactly what happened with Heather! I did a session a few years ago with Heather and her two sisters, Abbey and Nicole. It was Winter, and it was very cold….but you really couldn’t go wrong with those three beautiful ladies! When Heather contacted me to do a couple’s session this Summer, I was so excited!! Partly because we weren’t going to be freezing this time, but mostly because I was just so excited to do another session with her….this time with her boyfriend, Shane.

For this session, we ventured off to Saint Gaudens in Cornish, New Hampshire. This place is absolutely gorgeous! And you might recognize it from my previous session with the Shumway family. I just love everything about this place….the architecture, the gardens, the beautiful trees, and don’t forget the white birch lined trail!!

Heather_Shane_0001 Heather_Shane_0002 Heather_Shane_0003 Heather_Shane_0004 Heather_Shane_0005 Heather_Shane_0006Just look at those eyes!!!

Heather_Shane_0007 Heather_Shane_0008 Heather_Shane_0009 Heather_Shane_0010 Heather_Shane_0011 Heather_Shane_0012 Heather_Shane_0013 Heather_Shane_0014 Heather_Shane_0015 Heather_Shane_0016 Heather_Shane_0017 Heather_Shane_0018 Heather_Shane_0019 Heather_Shane_0020 Heather_Shane_0021 Heather_Shane_0022 Heather_Shane_0023Towards the end of the session, I followed Heather and Shane to this amazing (and adorable) old firetruck sitting by the side of the road. I’m a sucker for older cars and trucks so this made me so, so happy!

Heather_Shane_0024 Heather_Shane_0025 Heather_Shane_0026 Heather_Shane_0027 Heather_Shane_0028 Heather_Shane_0029 Heather_Shane_0030 Heather_Shane_0031 Heather_Shane_0032 Heather_Shane_0033 Heather_Shane_0034

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I’ve been dying to do a session at Saint Gaudens National Historical Site for a long time now. So when Sam contacted me wanting new pictures of her family, I suggested Saint Gaudens and she said yes!! This place is absolutely beautiful, and every time I come here I find new spots I hadn’t noticed before.

The day of their session was a very, very hot day. The sun was shining bright and it was at least 85˚ in the shade. The kids desperately wanted to go swimming, and I couldn’t help but agree. But through the sweat and tears, we managed to get through the entire session without melting, and I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out!

Shumway_0001 Shumway_0002 Shumway_0003 Shumway_0005 Shumway_0004 Shumway_0007

I’m seriously in love with this trail, it’s absolutely gorgeous!!

Shumway_0006 Shumway_0008 Shumway_0009 Shumway_0010 Shumway_0011 Shumway_0012 Shumway_0013 Shumway_0014 Shumway_0015 Shumway_0016 Shumway_0017 Shumway_0018 Shumway_0019 Shumway_0020

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